Summer 1 - Under My Belt

Diary of a Not So Chilled Black Guy

As my first semester has come to an end, I locate myself in a space of mental exhaustion. Exhaustion from deconstructing my visual point of view via critiques. What is apparent, defending how I view the world will be ongoing for the next 24 months. What is clearly apparent is I enjoy the human body as my canvas. I also enjoy deconstructing the very nature of advertising and it’s role in creating memory. I am open to how these and new areas of interest will expand and contract as I progress through my studies. What I know for sure - my gaze is sensual and I see beauty in most things and enjoy crafting beauty where it is absent. 

PS - I also have a group of fire hot artist as classmates! 

Till next time...

xo Gene


Sage advice from a Yale MFA Graduate - Shikeith

Yale (or Parsons - my insert) is not the magic potion to what you think your career will become. All those things you possess before you enter the program are relevant and will remain crucial to your development. Your intuition, your hustle, your imagination. Hold on to those things with a strong grip, because once you let go of them you lose all the ingredients that make you you.



I returned to shooting via a new muse and inspiration - David Wilson or as his fans call him, Wilson Dayvid!”


All the glitters!

I think the moment I created a cigarette sculpture and got down on the floor to sprinkle glitter on a imagine - marked my transformation into a visual artist.


The Trek Home

It’s 6:25 AM, and I am begins the journey home to Atlanta. I am operating on two hours of sleep. Doesn’t feel like it as I am super exited!

I see a Queen!

I spent the day walking around Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing Day! In a moment of pause, this lovely beauty called me to attention.

Beauty In The Mundane

I have been collecting images cigarette butts in my quiet time. I suppose as a way to break my quest for perfection in my portraits. I was first obsessed with putting cigarettes in the hands of my male models. Now, I find placing them together without a model becomes something visually interesting.

My MFA Adventures

Today is the very first time I have held an actual image that I created. It is actually kind of interesting that it took this long. I am already challenged beyond belief with the notion this will be a weekly event. Rewriting ones visual language is actually like learning a new language. So I fall fully into this new journey. .



As I approach week two of my MFA, it has become apparent an artist has been rediscovered.


I left my heart in Cuba!

I have spent quite a bit time of time in Cuba. I love the people and the food. For a New Yorker, their style of openness is a bit of a shock at first. But once I moved passed my NYC cynicism, all was well!

The Guy with a cigarette!

I suppose one some level, a guy with a cigarette can be considered a bad boy. While in Cuba, I found it interesting that so many people smoked. This guy just fed into my belief and obsession with smokers in general.

What were you thinking?

I often get this question with some of my images. In this particular case, I just saw that the model was taking a moment to admire the view. These are the moments I live for as a photographer. I call them moments between moments.